Jonestown Massacre Victims


Jonestown was a community located in the northern part of Guyana which was  formed by  People's Temple led by their cult leader, Jim Jones.

On November 18, 1978, 909 people died in what was known as "revolutionary suicide."  The deaths were the result of poisoning with toxic substances, such as potassium cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate, promethazine, and potassium chloride which were mixed with Flavor-Aid.

Also, another five individuals were ambushed and  killed at the Port Kaituma airstrip as they were leaving Guyana. Of these victims, the most notable was, United States Congressman, Leo Ryan, who is the only Congressman believed to be assassinated in the line of duty in the history of the United States.

Another four individuals died in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. These individuals included People's Temple member, Sharon Amos and her children, Liane, Christa, and Martin. All the victims died as a result of knife wounds. Sharon Amos killed her children Christa and Martin, and then Liane helped her mother kill herself before turning the knife on herself.

Read more about Jonestown at "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple Website,” sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University.

Below are the following member's of the People's Temple of Jonestown whose bodies were autopsied upon arriving back to the United States:


  • Castillo, William Richard: (February 19, 1944 - November 18, 1978) Richard lived in Los Angeles, California before moving to Jonestown, Guyana on August 17, 1977, where he lived in Cottage 25. He was employed as a laborer and worked for Goodwill. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Almeda County, California.
  • Dillard, Violatt Esther: (September 16, 1927 - November 18, 1978) Violatt lived in San Francisco, California before moving to Jonestown, Guyana,  where she lived in Dorm 2. She was employed as a inspector and nurse's aide. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Almeda County, California.
  • Jones, Jim:  (May 13, 1931 - November 18, 1978) Jim Jones was the infamous leader of the Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. He orchestrated a mass homicide/suicide which resulted in the death of over 900 men, women, and children in addition to directing member's of his security force to assassinate nine visitors checking on the well-being of Jonestown members. The five visitors included Leo Ryan, a United States Representative from the 11th Congressional District of California; Don Harris, an NBC reporter; Bob Brown, an NBC cameraman; Greg Robinson, a San Francisco Examiner photographer; and Patricia Parks, a defecting Peoples Temple member, were gunned down by Jim Jones "Red Brigade" security force at the Port Kaituma Airfield as the were ready to depart for Georgetown, Guyana.
  • Katsaris, Maria: (June 9, 1953 - November 18, 1978)  Maria was born in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then was raised in California. She was introduced to Reverend Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple in 1973. She was a strong supporter of the People's Temple and ultimately dropped out of college devoting more time to the Temple. She was strong willed and rose among the ranks and became part of the Inner Circle of the Temple eventually becoming the Treasurer of the organization. In 1977, she followed Reverend Jim Jones to Guyana and and the People's Temple in Jonestown. Shortly before the suicides occurred, she ordered Jonestown public relations officer Mike Prokes and brothers Tim and Mike Carter to flee the settlement and deliver a large amount of Temple money to the Soviet embassy in Guyana, however the three were arrested before completing their task. She is buried in Potter Valley Cemetery in Mendocino County, California.
  • Layton, Carolyn Moore (July 13, 1945 - November 18, 1978) Born Carolyn Moore,  she was the eldest sister.  She met her first husband Larry Layton while a student at the University of California Davis, where she was studying to become a teacher, and the couple married in 1967. A year later in 1968, they both became devoted followers of Rev. Jim Jones and his People's Temple and she rose to become part of his Inner Circle and one of his closest supporters.  In 1970,  Jones forced her and Larry to divorce and she became his mistress. In 1975, she gave birth to a son, fathered by Jim Jones, named Kimo Layton Prokes.  Kimo was also known as Jim-Jon.  Jones had her marry temple public relations officer Mike Prokes.  In 1977, she followed Jones to Guyana and the People's Temple settlement of Jonestown. Carolyn Moore Layton was one of the top administrators of Peoples Temple, both in California and after the group's move to Guyana handling the financial responsibilities of the settlement. Her death was attributed to cyanide poisoning used in the murder-suicide ritual. Carolyn is buried in Davis Cemetery in Yolo County, California in her family's plot.
  • Moore, Ann Elizabeth:  (May 12, 1954 - November 18, 1978) Ann was a talented individual who successfully completed school and was a registered nurse. Moore was introduced to Reverend Jim Jones and People's Temple by her older sister Carolyn Moore Layton. Joining in 1972, she quickly rose up to become part of Jones' Inner Circle and also served as his personal nurse. In 1977 she followed Jones to Guyana and the People's Temple settlement of Jonestown. While everyone else in the settlement died from drinking a poisoned solution, both Jones and Moore were found to have died from gunshots. It is believed that Moore shot and killed Jones before taking her own life. Found next to her was a final letter in which she tried to defend Jim Jones. She concluded it by stating "We died because you would not let us live in peace." Her sister Carolyn and nephew, Jim Jon, also died in the mass suicides. Ann is buried in Davis Cemetery in Yolo County, California in her family's plot.
  • Ryan, Leo (May 5, 1925 - November 18, 1975) Congressman Leo Ryan was an American politician of the Democratic Party. He served as a U.S. Representative from California's 11th congressional district from 1973 until he was murdered in Guyana. Ryan was murdered by members of the Peoples Temple, including, Larry Layton,  at the Kaituma airstrip as they were boarding their airplane to leave Guyana.
  • Schacht, Lawrence: (July 13, 1945 - November 18, 1978) Larry Schacht was the medical doctor for the Peoples Temple. The tranquilizers given to members during the "White Night" massacre were mixed in a liquid concocted by the temple's doctor, Larry Schacht. The concoction may have dulled their senses, but it took about five minutes for individuals to die. Hardly peaceful. for all of your celebrity autopsy reports

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