Columbine Massacre Shooters


  • Harris, Eric: (April 9, 1981 - April 20, 1999):  Eric was born in Wichita. Kansas, and had traveled many times during his youth as his father was a transport pilot with the Air Force. Eric and his family moved to Littleton, Colorado in 1993 and shortly thereafter, in 1995, he started attending Columbine High School. From most accounts,  Eric was a "normal guy" when he lived in New York. Many individuals were shocked when they learned that Eric was one of the shooters associated with the Columbine High School massacre. Eric met Dylan during high school. They also worked together at Blackjack Pizza in their free time. While working in Blackjack Pizza, Philip Duran, who was a graduate of Columbine who worked at Blackjack Pizza with Dylan and Eric, introduced the shooters to Mark Manes, who sold Eric and Dylan a TEC-DC9 semi-automatic handgun.   View Eric Harris's Websites
  • Klebold, Dylan: (September 11, 1981 - April 20, 1999): Dylan was a smart individual who was up for any challenge. By the three grade he was part of the CHIPS (Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students) program for gifted and talented children. Dylan met Eric Harris during his Middle School years. While he was at Columbine, Dylan was active in the school play productions as a light and sound coordinator as well as being involved in video productions at Columbine High School. During Rachel Scott's performance "Watch the Lamb," he actually saved the performance when there was audio difficulty with the music by providing a backup tape. He was also a computer assistant at the school where he maintained the computer servers.  Unfortunately, there were signs that Eric and Dylan were troubled. Both Dylan and Eric had made a 'Hitmen for Hire' video that they made about hit-men killing bullies to avenge the weak at Columbine. Both Dylan and Eric were unpopular at school and were often the target of bullying. They themselves started to bully younger students. They prided themselves as being part of a Columbine clique called the "Trenchcoat Mafia," who were self-styled outcasts who wore heavy black trench coats. The Trenchcoat Mafia had an entry in the school's 1998 yearbook - is variously described as being obsessed with guns, Nazis, the military, the Internet, gaming, rock singer Marilyn Manson and Goth-rock culture.  Klebold and Harris were also obsessed with Doom and Quake games and had personal websites with gaming information and other information about making threat at certain individuals.

    Klebold had attended the Columbine prom three days prior to the shootings with another student and friend, Robyn Anderson. She is the individual who purchased the two shotguns and Hi-Point carbine for the pair. Klebold sawed off his Savage 311-D 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun, shortening the overall length to approximately 23 inches, while Harris's Savage–Springfield 12-gauge pump shotgun was sawn off to around 26 inches. Anderson was of legal age to purchase the weapons whereas Harris and Klebold were not. She was not charged for her part in the straw purchase in exchange for her cooperation with the investigation that followed the shootings.

    Harris and Klebold also started to keep journals about shootings and a plan began to formulate then, as reflected in their journals. The journals contained notes on "good hiding places" and areas with poor lighting that could be utilized. The attack was to start at exactly 11:17 a.m.; which Harris had estimated to be the time when the largest possible number of students would be located in the cafeteria. Also, prior to the massacre, Harris and Klebold made homemade videos dubbed "The Basement Tapes," which depicted their motives for the attacks in these videos and gave instructions in bomb making. These videos were never released to the public at the time given they could spark other copycat events.

    On April 20, 1999, Harris and Klebold drove separately to school and met in the school parking lot. At 11:17AM, the Harris and Klebold set off propane bombs outside the school before making their way to the West Entrance of the school. View Dylan Klebold's websites

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